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We want your experience getting a tattoo to be as comfortable and easy as possible, here are a few guidelines to help make that happen!


- Before getting tattooed it's always a good idea to eat a good, solid meal.           Keeping your energy and blood sugar at a good level makes the whole               process much easier on the tattooer and tattooee, so feel free to bring along     snacks as well.


- It's not a good idea to come in for your tattoo hungover and we absolutely will   not tattoo you if you are drunk.


- Having an entourage can be fun, but in the interest of your tattoo coming out     wonderfully it's best not to come in with a large group. It can make it very           difficult for us to concentrate at the task at hand if there are a lot of                     unneccessary distractions.


- Please consider that any clothes you wear could possibly get stained, it's also   good to consider wearing something that is easy to move away from and           won't irritate the area you are getting tattooed.

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