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     There are as many ways to heal tattoos as there are people that get them. These instructions are a result of many years of experience getting and giving tattoos and are meant as a guideline for people who have gotten their first tattoo. Please follow them for the best result.

- Leave the bandage on for at least three hours, overnight for larger         tattoos.

- When you remove the bandage wash the tattoo in warm, soapy water.   Use a basic, unscented soap.

- Allow the tattoo to air dry, don't use a towel.

- Most impotantly keep your tattoo as clean as possible. DO NOT             touch it with dirty hands.

- To help the tattoo heal, lightly apply Aquaphor or a basic, unscented     hand lotion several times a day for the duration of the healing process.

- It is completely normal for the tattoo to flake off and itch. Do not pick     or scratch!!

- The tattoo will take roughly 7 to 10 days to heal, during this time do       not soak it in water or expose it to direct sunlight.


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